A Division of Strothman and Company

Strothman Wealth Care is the Wealth Management division of  Strothman and Company, one of the area's leading CPA firms.

This division is led by Ryan Antepenko, an Accredited Investment Fiduciary, who combines over 15 years of experience with a client-oriented focus to financial planning.  Ryan's investment philosophy is to use a variety of asset classes and investment strategies to minimize downside risk, increase diversification, and reduce volatility.  Ryan's focus is to listen to clients' goals and objectives and recommend appropriate strategies. 

Benefits of Strothman Wealth Care LLC

Team Approach. Strothman and Company CPAs team with investment professionals to gain a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation and related goals.

Integration with Tax Planning. Having a CPA involved with investment choices enables integration with tax planning and assistance with tax-efficient investing strategies.  We help build investment portfolios that are specifically designed to lessen the impact of income taxes.

Complimentary Tax Return Preparation. For clients with investments under management over a certain level, tax return preparation is included at a no additional charge.

Ongoing Retirement Projections.  As part of our services, we prepare an initial Financial Plan answering the question - “Will I have enough money when I retire?”  We update this plan periodically to make sure our clients are on track.

Wealth View.  Wealth View is as a comprehensive software application that offers the ability to have instant access to all accounts (not just ones with us) and monitor net worth on a daily basis.  This software also allows for the preparation of investment analysis and projections as well as a Vault for safekeeping of important documents such as Wills, Trusts, insurance policies, etc.

Risk-Adjusted Portfolio. Our objective is to calculate a target rate of return and to build a portfolio that meets your goals as safely as possible.

Downside Protection Strategies. Depending on the level of risk, our investment recommendations will include strategies to minimize downside risk.

Social Investing.  We can avoid investments in companies that are inconsistent with our client's moral values.  Screening categories include adult entertainment, alcohol, gambling, bioethics, firearms, nuclear power, among others.  

Tax Return Preparation. For clients with investments under management over a certain threshold, we offer a credit towards their tax preparation fees.