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With The Right Partner, Anything Is Possible

What We Do

At Strothman Wealth Care, it’s our mission to help create and maintain financial independence for our clients. We believe that with the right partner, anything is possible.

Our financial advisors specialize in a variety of wealth management services and operate with an investment philosophy that aims to minimize downside risk, increase diversification, and reduce volatility.

It’s our team’s goal to recommend investment strategies that are aligned with our client’s objectives and goals.

Who We Are

Our team brings decades of combined experience in the financial services industry. We remain committed to the fundamentals but also bring a fresh, innovative vision to our service. It’s our goal to provide clients with service that exceeds all expectations.

Strothman Wealth Care is led by Ryan F. Antepenko, an Accredited Investment Fiduciary & Honoree of The Louisville Business Journal’s Top 20 People to Know in Wealth Management and Financial Planning.

Why Strothman
Wealth Care?

The Strothman Wealth Care team brings decades of combined experience in the financial services industry to every engagement.

Our investment philosophy is anchored in the fundamentals, using a variety of asset classes and investment strategies to minimize risk, diversify client portfolios, and reduce volatility.

We’re committed to providing an experience that exceeds all expectations, enabling our clients and their families to build toward a better future.

Our team works closely with Strothman+Co, one of the region’s premier CPA firms. We actively involve a CPA in investment decisions and prioritize tax-efficient investment strategies. With the right support, we build investment portfolios that minimize the impact of income taxes.

Tax return preparation is included in our services at no additional charge for clients with a certain amount of assets under our management.

During the client onboarding phase, our team prepares a detailed Financial Plan that projects how much money clients will have on their target retirement date.

Through our ProActive Review Process, our team continuously monitors, reviews, and adjusts this plan to make sure our clients remain on track for their long-term goals.

Our team works to calculate a targeted rate of return for our clients’ portfolios, aiming to build an investment strategy that enables clients to meet their goals with as little risk as possible.

Where applicable, we actively recommend strategies to minimize downside risk.

Our clients’ moral values are important to us. We avoid investments in assets that are inconsistent with our clients’ beliefs, including adult entertainment, alcohol, gambling, bioethics, firearms, nuclear power, and more.

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